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Why I’m Creating a Second Edition of The Hypothyroid Writer (and Giving It a New Cover)

I wrote and self-published my first book — The Hypothyroid Writer — in October of 2016. I’ve done some minor editing of the book since then.

But this year (2021), I decided it was time to do a more through job of revising the book and to re-release it as an updated edition.

Part of the update will be a completely new book cover, courtesy of the professional book cover designer I choose for the job (So far, I like what I’m seeing at

I know I’ve designed most of my book covers myself, but this book has always had a professionally-designed cover, and I’d rather keep that up than take my chances with my own limited design skills.

Designers like the folks at have spent the last few years (not to mention the years before them) honing their skills and creating covers that helped authors sell their books.

I haven’t designed a book cover since 2018. And I’d honestly love to get a new professional cover for that book, too. I’ve been focusing on other things while professional designers have only gotten better at their craft.

So, why wouldn’t I want to take advantage of that?

Yes, it costs money. Professional designers who create beautiful covers deserve to be paid well for their work. And I’d love another opportunity to back that statement up with money of my own.

Ditto for editing. If an editor had helped me realize just how rambly my first edition of THW was, I wouldn’t have waited until recently to cut all those mini-rant tangents from it — to say nothing of the negativity in some of what I’ve now deleted.

I’m not the same author I was back in 2016 (or even 2018). Because I’m not the same person.

A lot has happened with me since the year I published my first (and still my favorite) book. And I want the updated edition to reflect that — without rambling. You deserve better than to have to wade through paragraphs of clutter to get to the points worth remembering.

So, what has changed?

I won’t go into too much detail, here, but a lot has changed since 2016:

  • I left the Catholic Church and no longer identify as a Christian.
  • I no longer hold to any religion, though I don’t identify as an atheist, either.
  • I’ve read a number of books that have challenged my thinking (in good ways).
  • I’ve made a fool of myself using a blog—and learned from it (I hope).
  • I’ve learned (from experience) the power of gratitude and telling a different story.

I’ll post an update when the book is ready for publication. I’ll also post a sneak-peek at the new book cover when it’s ready.

Follow the blog to get email updates. If you’ve already bought the eBook, you should be able to download the updated edition at no additional cost.

Until then, thank you for taking the time to read this. And have a fantastic day!