I’m Sarah — a full-time freelance writer, blogger, and self-published author from Oregon (now living in Minnesota).

I’m here to play.

One of the things I love to play with is skincare — especially products made for women in their 40’s, 50’s and up.

As I get closer to 50, self-care has become a bigger deal than it used to be. And that alone gives me plenty to write about.

Besides skincare, I’ll be writing about the following:

  • Education (through books, podcasts, courses, etc.).
  • Physical exercise and fitness goals
  • Daily meditation and mindfulness
  • Nutrition and the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet (which I never thought I’d do)
  • Decluttering and downsizing your possessions (the Marie Kondo way)
  • (probably more as I go)

Aside from the self-care focus, this site offers samples of my work on the following topics:

Articles published elsewhere:

My Books


Kitchen Helper / Lunch Lady
(2015 – 2017)
Helped prep food lines and serve meals to middle school students & staff; cleaned up afterward; used experience as inspiration for lunch lady cozy mystery series.

Court Clerk — Marion County Circuit Court
(2000 – 2001)
Updated court case records (data entry); helped callers and visitors w/ questions re: court filings; interpreted for Spanish-speaking visitors

Spent final semester in Spain, University of Oviedo (Asturias) (Jan to Jun 1999)
Finished Spanish B.A. and traveled throughout Spain (Sevilla, Cáceres, Burgos, Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, Barcelona, San Sebastián, Santander, Gijón, Avilés, Santiago de Compostela, etc.)

Collaborated with WOU professors on a book of Peruvian and Oregonian poetry (1998)
Translated Peruvian poetry, along with the introduction by one of my professors (my Spanish advisor) for a book of poetry, O Poetry! ¡Oh Poesía!

Staff Translator / Production Team Member (1999 – 2000)
Translated text (into Spanish) and modified graphics for children’s educational CDs; recorded and edited audio for sound clips; assisted with beta testing .